Top Auto Body Repair Tips for Consumers

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15 May Top Auto Body Repair Tips for Consumers

If you’re taking your car to a new auto body shop or if this is your first experience needing auto body repair on your vehicle, it can be a daunting experience. There are a few key things to consider both before and after you’ve taken your car in for repair.

Do Your Research

Looking online for reviews of auto body shops is a smart first step. Even if you’ve gotten recommendations from friends on where to take your vehicle for repair, it’s wise to check the reviews to see if the majority of customers agree. Look for recent, detailed reviews and keep in mind that even reputable companies will receive an occasional bad review. Your car is a big investment, and likely the way you get just about anywhere you need to go – take the time to choose am auto body repair company that you can trust.

Know Before You Commit

You should receive a signed copy of the written repair estimate for your vehicle. The estimate should clearly describe the condition and repair needs of the vehicle. In addition, it should state what parts will be affected by the repair and the estimated charges for labor. A repair estimate should always state that the repair shop will contact you to approve any additional work that is outside the time or cost estimate provided on your written estimate, and that no additional work will be done without that approval.

What to Expect Afterwards

When you receive the bill for your repair, it should detail all of the work that was done on your vehicle. This includes the parts used and all labor charges. Check your itemized bill for any discrepancies between it and the estimate you received. If there is a difference, make sure you discuss it with the auto body shop and that the issue is resolved to your satisfaction before you pay your bill.

Note any issues that you may experience with your car in the weeks after your repair. If you notice issues that could be related to the repair, like uneven wear on your tires (potentially a result of misaligned suspension), contact the auto body repair shop. A reputable company will offer a warranty and should fix any repair-related issues under that warranty. Of course, you should keep all paperwork, including receipts, related to your repair in case a problem does come up.

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