Wifi in Vehicles and Safety Issues

10 Jul Wifi in Vehicles and Safety Issues

Since the advent of wifi internet, it has become ultra convenient to browse the internet, check mail and socialize on the go. You don’t have to be home or at your office table to be in touch with friends, family or clients in a different continent and this perhaps, is the greatest contribution of internet towards making the world a global village.

Portable wifi devices are now available for installation in vehicles so you remain connected to the web wherever you go. While the devices offer portability as an added advantage to the countless more that are associated with wifi, it is important to remember that just about everything in this universe has its own merits as well as demerits, and vehicle wifi devices are no exception. The most prominent and critical of all considerations are road safety issues; mobile internet can easily divert the attention of the driver away from the road which can jeopardize many innocent lives.

According to recent surveys, the USA and various other developed countries have seen a rise in a number of deaths occurring in road accidents, and majority of these are associated with mobile phone usage while driving. The second that it takes to check Whatsapp or Facebook behind the wheel and on the road, is enough to take another person’s life. The time calls for strict implementation of road safety rules which must, for the sake of countless innocent lives, include regulatory measures against individuals using their cellphones or the internet while driving. However, internet and broadband companies with their marketing strategies highlighting only the benefits if installing vehicle wifi devices are doing the exact opposite. The more wifi devices installed in cars around the globe, the riskier it will become to travel by road.

Experts agree that social media, work emails and chat-based applications are not worth diverting attention away from the road for. Wifi devices in vehicles may be marketed as the next best thing in staying connected with the world on the go, but it may also be the very last time you interact with anyone virtually. Promote road safety and refrain from using cellular devices behind the wheel.

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