Is it Common to Leak Engine Oil While Parked…? Why Does It Happen?

20 Jan Is it Common to Leak Engine Oil While Parked…? Why Does It Happen?

It’s a common sight on any street or parking lot anywhere: stains of oil dripped, pooled, dried and stained from vehicles parked or at idle. It’s common and possibly even a little annoying when it happens in a cleaned-out garage or on the landscape of a home driveway. It’s a common enough problem, and the sight of dripped oil is oftentimes a symptom of a larger issue. Here are a few of the most common reasons why a vehicle leaks oil, and a few tips to remedy the problem. (If you ever notice your vehicle is leaking oil, it should be seen to by a professional mechanic, because procrastination could leave you stranded on the side of the road or in a dark parking lot somewhere).

When fluids leak from the underside of your vehicle, it could be a sign of several problems. First, the pool of oil, which should appear brown and kind of greasy. The fluids could also be pink, which could indicate a leak of transmission fluids; or, blue and/or green, which likely indicate a coolant leak. Oil leaking from the engine is usually caused by a damaged or degraded gasket or seal. Engine components, like everything, do degrade and wear away and require replacement; it’s also possible that the components are worn out prematurely due to infrequent oil changes, and dirty, corroded oil. It’s also possible that a vehicle’s pan or gasket be damaged by road debris. These components do experience a ton of wear and tear, especially when a vehicle is routinely driven down rough, gravelly roads. The final likely problem (although there are a few more uncommon reasons why a vehicle leaks oil) is a bad ring or valve seal. This scenario can present a tricky situation, because if there isn’t any damage done to the gasket, the oil won’t leak from the engine and instead will be consumed through the combustion processes within the engine.

Regardless of the reason, oil leaks shouldn’t be ignored. And if you do ever find yourself stranded and in need of tow services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, rain, snow, or shine, then call the towing professionals at City Towing.

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