02 Jul Trasmisssion

It’s likely that everyone has heard of a transmission. But how many people know exactly what the transmission does? The term gets tossed around when vehicles quit working and when warranties on vehicle purchases are signed. Put simply, the transmission is a gear box that links the engine to the rest of the vehicle. Without that linkage, the engine would produce power but the vehicle would go nowhere.

And whether or not your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, it experiences a considerable amount of wear and tear under normal operating conditions. That means that when the transmission no longer functions correctly, your vehicle quits working. An inauspicious event when the transmission on the vehicle you drive quits working far from home (Thankfully, you have the services of City Towing to get your vehicle to your mechanic).

There can be certain warning signs to be aware of when your vehicle’s transmission is taking a turn for the worst. In a vehicle with a manual transmission, the first indication of a transmission problem is that the vehicle shifts into gear stubbornly, even when the clutch is depressed. You may also notice—in both automatic and manual transmissions—a peculiar or unusual noise that occurs when the vehicle runs in neutral.

The vehicle’s transmission may also slip gears, and in the event that the gear does slip, it’s imperative that you either park the car and have it towed to your mechanic’s, or at the very least get it to a mechanic promptly. You may also notice an odor, a burning-type odor, which could be a sign that the transmission has overheated.

A transmission problem should never be taken lightly, and in the event that a symptom is diagnosed as a transmission issue, the issue needs to be fixed immediately. And if your vehicle’s transmission does go out, it slips a gear, or you find yourself in need of immediate tow services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, then remember the professionals at City Towing are ready to help.

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