What to Do if Your Car is Stuck in Snow

28 Jan What to Do if Your Car is Stuck in Snow

It’s an unfortunate event: due to a snowstorm or the movement of snow from a plow post-storm, your vehicle is buried in snow on the side of the road. And it usually happens that you discover the buried vehicle the moment before you have to leave the house to be somewhere punctually. If you find yourself completely buried in snow, or if you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road in winter and need a tow, remember to keep the phone number of your trusted tow professionals at City Towing in the contacts list on your phone (You won’t always be somewhere with roadside access to the web on your device).

When you discover your buried vehicle, begin by clearing a path around the tires with a snow shovel. Clear away several feet of snow both in front of and behind the vehicle. If there is excessive snow on the ground, it’s likely you’re going to need to rock the vehicle back and forth to get the momentum to reach the driving lane. If you can, also clear out as much accumulated snow as possible beneath the vehicle. Then rock the vehicle back forth to get it clear of the snow. Light pressure on the gas pedal and switching back and forth between drive and reverse, always in control, until the vehicle has enough momentum to get unstuck. It’s tempting to want to floor the gas pedal, give it as much power as possible to unstick the car from the snow, but that extra power won’t help things, and, in some cases, could create a slick of ice on the pavement, making it more difficult to unstick. Momentum is the key.

Hopefully you don’t find yourself stuck or stranded this winter, but if you do remember that City Towing is always ready to help, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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