What to Do in the Event of Tire Blowout…

17 Sep What to Do in the Event of Tire Blowout…

A complete tire blowout is a scary event. And in the event of blowout there are a few tactics to consider. First, the simplest and possibly safest tactic is to refrain from turning the wheel. If you turn the wheel inappropriately, even the slightest turn can cause the vehicle to spin out. A spin out is incredibly dangerous, especially at high speeds, and especially on some of Montana’s narrow two-lane highways. If you do experience a blowout, it’s important to keep the vehicle straight, don’t slam on the brakes, and allow the vehicle to come to a complete stop on its own.  

There are a few reasons for a complete tire blowout, but the number one cause of blowout is poor tire maintenance. An improperly inflated tire, or a tire that is old and brittle is a potential culprit for damage. A tire that is improperly inflated, or even unbalanced, can wear inappropriately and develop wear and tear prematurely. And these points of wear can break down and fail. A brittle tire can also be susceptible to heat, or a sudden dip into a pothole.

You should check your tire pressure at least once every month, even if the tires on your vehicle are new or in good working shape. A tire can go bad quickly. When you check the tire’s pressure, be sure to check the tire when the tire is neutral. And you should keep the tire’s pressure at the level recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. You can find the recommended pressure on the inside of the door panel, and also in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Carry a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle’s glove box at all times; yes, there are p[pressure gauges built into the modern day, free-use, air compressors, but it’s still best to know the level manually.

And if you do experience a total tire blowout then remember that City Towing is ready to help. City Towing is ready to answer your call for service twenty-four hours a day, each and every day.

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