Reasons to Have a Roadside Assistance Membership…

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17 Sep Reasons to Have a Roadside Assistance Membership…

Roadside Assistance is an asset which, when used for the first time, proves invaluable. When you decide to either include roadside assistance in your insurance policy, or if you choose to buy a subscription separately, it’s an important add on that’s more than a convenience. But when it comes to convenience, imagine being able to call for help the moment you either run out of gas or lock your keys inside the car.

One of the main reasons to choose roadside assistance is safety and peace of mind. When you have insurance and roadside assistance you are virtually guaranteed to have help in the event you get into a fender bender, or you find yourself stranded on the roadside with a flat or breakdown. Imagine being able to contact roadside assistance and knowing that you are covered when your professional tow operator from City Towing arrives to either help get your vehicle back on the road or to take it somewhere where it can be repaired.

It’s also extremely important if you drive a vehicle with higher mileage. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t carry roadside assistance if you have a younger vehicle, but it does mean that older vehicles are more susceptible to breakdown. It’s a gamble to drive something that’s unpredictable.

And with roadside assistance it’s important to keep your vehicle in its very best shape. Remember to keep to routine maintenance schedules. Check the tire pressure routinely and keep the tires at the PSI recommended; the optimal PSI should be located either on the sticker stuck to the inner frame of the driver’s door, or in the manual.

Roadside assistance does cost extra on an insurance premium, and a month-to-month subscription does add up over the months and years; but, it’s always there the moment you need it. One of the most important considerations is to use City Towing as your tow services provider. City Towing’s first responders are ready to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


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