Tire Balance:

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11 Apr Tire Balance:

Tire balance is an oftentimes an overlooked component of routine vehicle maintenance. But I t’s important, and should be a scheduled maintenance service performed at similar intervals to the common oil change.

If the tires on your vehicle are in top shape then your vehicle will operate efficiently and the ride will feel smooth. Tires balanced improperly could cause a wobble or bounce or vibration. Amazingly, even a slight difference, a few ounces, can cause a felt vibration on the road.

As you drive your vehicle and navigate sharp turns and over bumps and into holes both big and small the tires will shift position because of the stress of everyday use.

The other problem that inevitably occurs when the tires are out of balance is that the tires wear unevenly, and the uneven wear will wear tires prematurely. And a new set of tires is much more expensive than a simple rotate and balance job. And the damage might also extend to the wheels.

If you do experience vibrations while the vehicle is moving, it could also be more than the tires. It could be a bent wheel or wheels, axle-mounting errors, brake wear and failure, misaligned wheels, and wheel bearing wear or failure.

And tires worn prematurely can wear to the point of a potential blowout. And in the event of a blowout you thankfully have City Towing to help. City Towing is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to pick up your vehicle.

The trucks provide damage free towing, and are ready to pick you up in the Billings area and outside, including the Miles City, Park City, Red Lodge, and the stretches of road in between; you can even get service in Wyoming in and near Cody and Sheridan.

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