When You Turn the Key and Nothing Happens…

26 Apr When You Turn the Key and Nothing Happens…

It’s a surprising situation when you turn the key in your vehicle’s ignition and nothing happens. The vehicle either makes a strange clicking noise as if it’s trying to start or else nothing, silence. It could also make an attempt to start, the engine turning over slowly, or it won’t turn over unless you put your foot on the gas pedal. A dead or dying vehicle can be a sign of many problems, some of which are simple, while others may require significant mechanic intervention. Here are a few tips to diagnose the symptoms of your vehicle’s problems.

There are a few symptoms that indicate whether your vehicle’s battery has died completely or if it’s operating on less than efficient power. First, when you turn the key nothing electrical works; or, in the case of the headlights, they either don’t work or their brightness is noticeably dim. The other symptoms of battery failure can mirror the symptoms inherent in other components. For instance, if you need to apply pressure to the gas pedal to start the vehicle; the engine turns over but does so slowly; or backfires (A rare symptom).  If you suspect the battery is the culprit then it’s a good idea to try to charge it.

If your vehicle starts then stalls out, or it you hear whirring noises beneath the hood, or if it emits a burning smell, then these symptoms are likely the cause of a faulty alternator. Issues with the alternator should be addressed by your mechanic immediately. The alternator will not self-correct. The alternator could also be the reason why the vehicle’s battery warning light is lit, but unless you have experience working with alternators and batteries then the diagnosis of the problem should always be done by your trusted mechanic.

If you do ever turn over the key and find that your vehicle doesn’t start, or if your vehicle is disabled and needs to be towed, remember to call the first responders at City Towing for help.

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