Common Tail Light, Turn Signal and Brake Light Failures

05 Jun Common Tail Light, Turn Signal and Brake Light Failures

One of the most common tail light, turn signal and brake light failures is burned out bulbs. Unfortunately, glass replacement bulbs are a reality for any vehicle owner. Time and the elements take a toll on your bulbs, leading, inevitably, to failure. Having the right bulb on hand to replace that blown light will keep you legal and safe on the road. You can replace your bulbs with colored bulbs to add a custom look to your vehicle.

Another problem commonly found in cars, is after you change all of the bulbs, the check light remains on. That could be caused by the wire harness cable that connects to the light housing; one of the pins could be burned and melted. This causes a slight voltage irregularity thrown to the computer telling it there is a fault even though the lights still work. So check all your wire connections very closely and see if you have any abnormalities or burned out pins.

Having problems with your turn signal?

If your turn signal stops working or isn’t working all of the time, use hand signals until you can get it fixed to avoid a huge fine! A turn signal is also known as the electrical connection and switching, there are two types of dashboard turn signal telltale indicators, left and right green indicator lights on the vehicle’s instrument cluster, and a cyclical “tick-tock” noise generated electromechanically or electronically.

And did you know that International regulations mandates that turn signals are required to blink on and off, or “flash”, at a steady rate of between 60 and 120 blinks per minute.

If you’re having problems with your turn signal, it’s best to have a certified technician check your vehicle to see what’s causing the problem, to correct it and to reset all lights and warnings.

Take good care of your vehicle to help prevent common tail light, turn signal and brake light failures. Visit Billings Collision Repair today for all of your car needs!

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